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6 Must-Have Styling Items for Creating a Chic and Cosy Home


Are you ever worried about blowing the budget when it comes to styling a home? Whether it’s your own home, a place you’re renting out or maybe even an Airbnb, we are here to show you that a beautiful home can still be created without spending all your pennies.  

At MORC we offer a ‘Stylish Packagewhich includes quality furniture as well as a range of decorative items to make your place feel more like a home. In this blog we’re going to give you a bit more detail about the styling items included in this package and how you can apply them to your own home.  

1. Wall Art 

Don’t forget how important a piece of art can be in the home. They help to fill up an otherwise empty wall and create visual interest in each room. Art can also be quite personal so you can really have fun with this and pick unique pieces that you really like. It also doesn’t have to be super expensive; you can always buy a cheap frame and then print off an image or photograph that you like and frame it yourself!

2. Cushions and throws 

These are super important in making any space feel cosy and inviting. You don’t have to go overboard and buy heaps of cushions to cover an entire bed or sofa, and it can sometimes be more practical for some people with less. For a bedroom, try picking cushions which have similar colour tones and that look nice together against your bed linen. 

At MORC we tend to use white quilt covers a lot because these are such a great base for any colour palette and make it easy for people to update over time. In your living area, we recommend a minimum of two cushions on your sofa and then you can pop an extra one on any armchair you have. When it comes to throws, you only need one to immediately add that extra layer of comfort to each room.  


3. Décor

Some of the best items to use for those finishing touches around the home are candles, vases, books and trinkets. We add small décor items to areas including the living room and dining tables, kitchen benches, bedside tables, study desks and shelves. With these items it’s important not to use too many so that it feels like ‘clutter’ but to use a few items on each empty surface just to give it a bit of interest. These items can be some of the cheapest items because usually people will already have something suitable laying around and they just need to be reused in a different way. 



4. Plants

These are vital! Plants help to bring a little bit of nature inside and immediately make a home feel more relaxing. We always place a tall artificial floor plant in a living area to help fill the space and add a bit of height. We will also use a variety of small to medium sized artificial plants or floral stems with our décor items throughout a home. 



5. Lamps

Bedside lamps are almost always non-negotiable. It’s so much more ambient and calming in a bedroom with bedside lamps on and they are practical. There are so many different styles of lamps that can be used for a bedside table and it relies a lot on the room. If it’s a very small and dark room then a more petite sized lamp, even one without a lampshade, would be most suitable. If you have a larger area, like a master bedroom, then a bigger lamp will work perfectly. In the living room we also place a tall floor lamp near the sofa.  


6. Rugs

An absolute must for any living room. Rugs help to zone a space which is really important with open-plan living and dining rooms. Make sure you choose a rug that is slightly longer in width than your sofa, anything smaller will look out of proportion within the space. Have fun when it comes to picking a material and pattern that you like but make sure it ties in with the rest of your aesthetic.  



All images within this blog are Stylish Packages that we designed and delivered for Panorama Box Hill 

For more information about our Stylish Packages or if you want to know which one of our furniture packages is right for you, please contact us today!  


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