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Customised Dream Home for Young Professional Couple


At MORC we absolutely love working with homeowners to design and create their dream home. We feel very privileged to have worked on this stunning Hawthorn Park apartment for a young professional couple recently, who came to us with no clue on where to start when it came to designing their new apartment from scratch.   

Andy and Jess wanted everything to be brand new and for the whole apartment to be furnished and styled for them. They had ideas on what they liked and disliked which made the whole process very smooth and easy. Even though they weren’t confident in doing the work themselves, they knew what they wanted the overall look-and-feel to be like and we were there to help bring it all to life. 

Concept Planning

With any of our clients, we begin by having a chat over the phone to introduce ourselves and understand what it is they’ve reached out to us for. This young couple were very quick to book us in for a site consultation to visit their new apartment and meet us in person. 

As our team have completed several projects at Hawthorn Park in previous years, we already had an idea of what materials and finished to expect inside. We of course still needed to get a good feel of the space and layout as each apartment is different, and we took thorough measurements of each room. 

Floor Plan

While at the site consultation, we really got to know Andy and Jess and what they wanted to see in their dream home. We discussed their plans and requirements for each of the rooms and what their definite needs were. We then discussed those extra bits, all of the personal items and ‘wish list’ items that would make their home feel extra special to them.  

Andy and Jess’ biggest priority was making their home feel “light and bright”. The overall colour palette needed to work harmoniously with the green cabinetry found in the kitchen and wardrobes throughout. They were wanting a neutral base palette with light timber tones but were excited at the idea of a bit of colour. They also wanted their new home to feel unique with some artistic design choices that were still practical to live with. 

Mood board


After our site consultation it was time for our team to put together a custom design proposal capturing all the details from the visit.  Andy and Jess were really impressed with our initial design proposal, meaning our team listened to and met their needs. We only made a few revisions to certain furniture items and the artwork which can be quite a personal thing in people’s homes. We made the process very clear and easy for the couple and spent the time on this project to make sure everything was perfect.  

Andy and Jess had a deadline to move-out of their old home and into this new one which meant we needed to be sourcing furniture that would be available within the timeframe. When working within a tight deadline, especially during Covid times, it is important to understand that some sacrifices might need to be made if product is unavailable or becomes discontinued. With this client, we needed to ensure the design aesthetic wasn’t completely compromised and found plenty of options that worked beautifully and were able to be delivered by the deadline date.  

Inventory List

Design Process

Living Area

Andy and Jess wanted their living area to feel as spacious as possible but to still have plenty of seating for friends and family. To help keep this area feeling light and bright we selected an off-white fabric sofa which is super comfy and deep so that the couple can relax in it. It is a generous 3-seater which fit perfectly into the space and still allows room either side for the two beautiful armchairs we added.  

Andy and Jess requested that the coffee table be light-weight and easy to move as they often did workouts in front of the TV, so we went with a pair of petite timber tables. The couple loved the idea of having some artistic design elements in their home so the shape of this coffee table, paired with the styling in the space matched their brief perfectly.  



The large artwork is a statement piece, and we drew inspiration from the colours within it to select the cushions, décor and floor rug in the living area. In the hallway, Andy and Jess really wanted to put something on the wall but weren’t sure what. They didn’t want a mirror there or for any bold artwork, fearing that it would make the space feel more closed-in. When we presented the idea of the gold sculptural piece, they fell in love with it and were so happy to have such an ideal solution.   



Dining Area

It was very important to have the dining area work in harmony with the living area and to tie-in with the materials of the kitchen. Due to the shape of the dining area, it was clear that a round dining table was the most suitable option for this space. Andy and Jess didn’t require any more than 4 chairs which meant there was still plenty of room surrounding the table to comfortably walk around. 

The light timber dining table was a practical choice but also one that looked amazing with everything else in the space.



The couple were really attached to the simple botanical print which we ended up choosing for the dining area. They were originally interested in abstract art but after looking at different options they changed their minds and settled on nature-inspired designs.  




There was one main request for this bedroom…pink! This was a direct request from Jess as she got the most say in this room. She had a few ideas of what she liked, and the use of the colour pink was an absolute must. In our original design we presented a white bedhead option with pink bedding and artwork as we discussed this would be a more timeless option, however, Jess ended up deciding that she would prefer a bigger statement and went for a pink bedhead which turned out to be amazing.  

This bed also has a gaslift feature, meaning it can lift up and create extra storage – the perfect option for apartment living.  



The footprint of this bedroom was only a small room so the idea of an armchair or ottoman was discussed but then ruled out to ensure enough walking space was kept around the bed. We spent a bit of time sourcing the perfect side tables for this space that met the brief. They needed to be light timber like the rest of their home, include storage and be small enough to fit in the tight space. The bedside tables that were chosen met all requirements and we kept the styling on top to a minimum to make sure the bedroom didn’t feel over-crowded. 




Over the past few years of us all living through Covid times, working from home has become a lot more popular and still remains a common part of many people’s work arrangements. Both Andy and Jess complete some days working from home and needed a space to comfortably fulfill their duties. They each needed a desk and these had to have sufficient storage space to file important documents and keep the working space as clean as possible.



After looking at some desk options, the couple decided on the largest and most practical option, however, the colours and style still worked well with their overall scheme and was not an eye-sore like some clunky desks can be. We also went with travel-inspired piece of art on the empty wall to add some life to a space which can often feel quite draining.  




Andy and Jess wanted this smaller room to be used for storage. They mentioned the possibility of changing this room into something else down the track so they wanted it kept as simple as possible. They only required a little bit of shelving which we styled for them so that it was presentable and easy to maintain.  

One of their biggest requests was incorporating a portable yet stylish full-length mirror somewhere in their home. We placed this in the storage room which can then easily be moved in future by the couple if they require.  




When standing out on the balcony at our site consultation, we all looked around at the views and both Andy and Jess’ eyes lit up when they saw neighbours who had an egg chair. It was decided then and there that an egg chair was a must for them. They didn’t want or really need anything else out on the balcony. As it wasn’t undercover and they would not be able to put up shelters or umbrellas, they did not want the hassle of cleaning and maintaining any other outdoor furniture. We just put a couple of plants out there and that was all that was needed for this space.  




Andy and Jess’ reaction when they walked into their new home was incredible and it was so great to see their huge smiles get bigger with every room they saw. They were over the moon with our service and were happy that they didn’t have the stress of doing the hard work themselves.  

Project completion date: July 2022 




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