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Episode 2: Home Office Makeover


The home office has become a crucial part of everybody’s lives in recent years. It has become more and more important for people to have a space at home where they can complete a day’s work. 

The Brief

Our client for this project was marketing freelancer and content creator Mia, who was stuck completing her work from home in all the wrong ways because she didn’t have a dedicated workspace. She was sitting on the couch or on the kitchen counter all day which we all know is not very ergonomic or productive. Mia had a spare room which she had been using for storage but wanted to turn the space into her very own home office. Unfortunately, because of her busy workload, she wasn’t able to put any attention into this room so she reached out to us for help. 

Project Planning

We met up with Mia at her apartment to discuss the space, how she wanted to use it and the specific requirements she needed to fulfill her day-to-day responsibilities. We learnt that she needed a desk with storage and a moveable swivel chair, along with a little reading nook where she could relax. Mia also needed a small table that could be moved around in order to set up product displays and shoot photos on for her marketing. Mia really wanted to make use of the incredible natural light coming into the room and the placement of furniture was very important. We also learnt the colours and style that she liked so that we could personalise the room and make it feel like an inspirational and motivating space for her.

Our team got to work putting together a design for Mia, showcasing all the furniture and styling items we’d provide as well as a floorplan. Once we finalised the design we organised a delivery date where we would be able to complete the whole room in just a couple of hours. 









Inventory List


Design Process  

On the day of delivery, we asked that Mia leave the property so that it would be a big surprise when she came back. While she was gone, we assembled all furniture and removed all of the rubbish, just as we would for any of our projects. 



Our interior stylist added all the finishing touches to give a luxe feel to the space and ensured everything was looking perfect. We incorporated all the colours that Mia requested to make the space visually appealing, but also made sure it was functional and practical.



Mia was so happy with the final result and was so excited to have a proper space she could complete her work from. It was really important for her to feel productive in her work-from-home environment but it was hard for her to find the time to make the changes herself. We made the whole process simple and stress-free for her and she was thrilled with the final result. 



If you’re tired of working at home in an uninspiring space that distracts you from being your best productive and creative self, contact us now. We’d love to have a chat to find out how we can make the most out of your home and turn it into a creative hub that you will love working from.

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