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Styling Eastwood Monash Townhouse

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Development: Eastwood Monash

Comprising 147 one- and two-bedroom apartments, and 72 exclusive townhomes, Eastwood is a suburban oasis amid a hub of activity and opportunity. Putting a world of education and employment choices within easy reach, a residence in this uniquely attractive setting makes the perfect home or investment.  

The residences at Eastwood have been tailored to increase your sense of well-being and joy in everyday life. An open-plan design philosophy spreads through every part of the house, and each dwelling has its own private open space that connects to and extends the living areas. 

Clever design touches that maximise the benefits of fresh air, natural light, and connection to the outdoors make life at Eastwood more sustainable and vital. Smart, contemporary style is accented throughout with high-quality materials, fittings, and finishes that create a sense of understated luxury. 

Style and Plan

Before decorating a home, it is important to carry out relevant research to get a better understanding of how the space should look. The interior should work with the exterior surroundings. We did some market research to assess the demographic of residents who would choose to live here. We also looked into the surrounding businesses to understand their customers, as well as studied the building itself to determine the style of the design. Once we had all that worked out, we started spatially planning the interior to avoid any mistakes.

We offer furniture-only packages, or furniture and styling packages. Our Eastwood Monash client chose our “Stylish Living Package”, which allowed us to create a completely decorated apartment. 

Styling includes everything such as rugs, art, lamps, cushions, throws, decorative items, plants, and everything in between. We presented a mood board to the client (see below) to showcase the furniture they would be receiving with a rough guide on styling items. It also helps the client to visualise how everything would look when put together. Styling items vary every time as they really depend on what our stylist believes works best for that particular space. 


Design Process For Each Room

Living, Kitchen & Dining Area 

When you first walk into this beautiful townhouse you are greeted by the heart of the home. The open plan kitchen, living and dining area.  

We chose neutral furniture and accessories that will cater to more perspective buyers. With our monochromatic colour scheme we focused more on texture.  

A beautiful thick hand-woven wool rug was added to the dark floor to lift the furniture and zone the living area. A light patterned throw was added to the sofa to create a backdrop for the charcoal cushions. And subtle elements of brass were carried throughout the accessories. All five senses get considered when we style your property to attract more positive emotions from potential buyers.  

We find connections between the pieces we choose to create a cohesive interior design vibe and we style every surface to give the full experience of what it would feel like to live in this home.  

Our velvet chairs provide a luxurious feel to the space and is a very robust material for easy cleaning. 

Home Office

When designing an office, it is important to maximise any windows that you might have to assist with productivity. We decided to place the desk opposite the window so that those using it can enjoy looking out at nature. We brought a compact chair into the room to fill the space as well as creating a thoughtful reading chair for the corner.  

We took colours from our artwork to find the perfect styling items. And added the thoughtful final details that truly make up an office space. 

Kid’s Bedroom

We had some fun with this kid’s bedroom as we were inspired by the beautiful greenery peeping through the windows. We brought some animal life to the space to mimic the forest outside the windows. More greenery was brought through into the styling to bring the outside in. This sat beautifully with the natural bedside lamps we chose. We wanted to highlight the windows by drawing the eye towards the back wall. A clever way to do this was by using a linear pattern bedspread which carries your eye into the room to that back wall. 

Master Bedroom

It’s amazing how much bigger a room looks with furniture in it. Here is the beautiful master bedroom where you’ll find clear comfort with a hint of luxury.  

No corners are left unstyled with MORC. Attention to detail is everything.  

The crisp white bed linen against the popping mustard cushions provides a welcoming and vibrant colour palette. The stunning artwork pulls on that mustard tone and contrasts a new colour into the mix. Pink. We mix different textures within the space for visual interest. Glass and brass pieces accessorise the space. Soft cotton was used for the crisp white bed linen. Velvet was added to the throw and cushions. And natural wood appears in the furniture which is carried throughout this townhouse.    

Bedroom Three

Bedroom three is located at the front of the house facing west and gets fantastic morning sunlight. We wanted to lean in on this by keeping the colour palette fresh and crisp.  

The art is what started the colour selections to this room of maroon. We always choose scented candles appropriately for the room’s theme. So, we went with a coastal one for this room. A textured wool throw was used at the bottom of the bed to give warm cozy feels upon entering the space. And a subtle pattern introduced into the bed linen for visual interest. We use feather inserts in our cushions as they present themselves much better on a bed or sofa. Cushions are very important to get right in a bedroom as the bed is the focal point of the room. We can add personality to the space through interesting cushion colours, patterns and textures. 

We add enough visual interest to the bedside tables too so that your eye will scan the entire room to find interesting things. 

Check out this Virtual Tour

What is your favourite room within this Eastwood Monash townhouse? What’s your favourite interior design tip that we used? Would you like to live here? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. We’d love your feedback! 

And if you would like to learn more about the Eastwood Townhouse development, please feel free to contact us or if you would like a private tour of this beautiful property, get in touch.  

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