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CASE STUDY: Stylish Living at Montague Square

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Development: Montague Square
Property Manager: Melbourne Real Estate

Montague Square is Melbourne’s next built-to-rent residential development that is purpose-built for renters and tenants wanting to live in the heart of South Melbourne. It was designed by architects Rothelowman that is 18-storey developments with 107 apartments and a common area that focuses on communal living. As there are various tenant demographics living in the area, the developer engaged MORC Interiors to collaborate together with Melbourne Real Estate to strategically plan, design and furnish various apartments so tenants have additional living options in each apartment type. In this blog we will be discussing the process of how we furnished a two bedroom and what stylish living looks like in Montague Square.

I. Tenant Demographic

The bustling South Melbourne is the perfect location for those who do not want to be far from the city or beach. This postcode’s demographic consists of 23.7% maturing and established independence, 22.3% independent youth and 11.3% older independence. With this information that we’ve researched from Domain, we’re able to understand the type, professional and age group of tenants that’d be interested in renting in Montague Square. This guides us in planning and designing what kind of furniture, style and colour scheme that would be appealing and suitable to the South Melbourne tenant group.

II. Planning the furnishing, layout and mood board

The whole process started with us going to Montague Square for a site inspection and measure every corner of every room so we know what size furniture would fit. Once we have the measurements, we drew out a floor plan layout of what size furniture can fit the two-bedroom apartment. We also listed out all the necessary furniture items in an inventory list so we don’t miss out anything that the property would need as a rental apartment.

Floor Plan Layout

Inventory List


Once we had our floor plan and inventory list, we started developing a tailored furniture package which meant producing out a moodboard of furniture that suited our client’s style. This involved sourcing from our twenty furniture suppliers to find the right furniture design to fit our client’s property layout, style and budget.

III. Design Process

Our team furnished this 2-bedroom apartment with the young couple or young family in mind so they really experience a very comfortable yet designer lifestyle.

Master Bedroom

We intentionally selected a queen-sized bedframe with a grey soft headboard master bedroom. This way 2 adults can sleep on the bed and enjoy a soft comfortable headboard to rest their head. For the overall look, we went for a very monochrome design to also reflect and complement the intended aesthetic of Montague Square. We also chose a sturdy timber bedside table to match the timber finishes of the development and help the master bedroom stand out in contrast to the second bedroom. The artwork is a marble design where the black, white and gold accents match the overall color-scheme and décor of the master bedroom.

Second Bedroom

The furniture selection and decorative item were intentionally selected to create a softer colour palette and feel whilst not being too distracting from the amazing views of Melbourne CBD and South Melbourne. We went with a queen-sized bed so that a young adult or two kids can sleep in this room. For the colour scheme we chose pastel pinks, beige and a pastel-coloured green from the bedside lamp which really gives you that designer look. We also placed a large throw to create that plush, soft and comfortable feel for the whole room. Lastly, a beautiful scenery artwork was selected to tie everything together to complete the look and feel of the second bedroom.

Living and Dining Area

For the overall look of the living and dining area, from the furniture to the décor, we really wanted it to be simple, minimalistic and neutral so that we can attract a wider audience for the developer so that they can come and rent this space.

Living Room

For the sofa, we chose a large three-seater sofa with a chaise that was suitable to the layout of the room and provided more than enough seating in a two-bedroom apartment. We drew inspiration from the beautiful piece of artwork in the living room to help ground the room in nature in contrast to the floor tiles. Artificial plants were selected so that it would be low maintenance for any tenant wanting to live in the apartment. Lastly, we went with a bit of neutral colour-scheme with a bit of brown, white and beige with some natural greenery to create a very warm and relaxing feel to the living room space.

Dining Room

In the dining room, we went with a natural oak dining table that would match the fixtures and cabinets of the kitchen. We chose a large dining table with six chairs to be able to accommodate for four people living in the apartment and being able to invite guests. To create contrast with the timber of the dining table and the tiles, we went with a gray fabric bar stool which has these black legs that really complement and match the black handles in the kitchen.

IV. Result

In July, we were approached by the developer to inspect Montague Square and develop a tailored package suited their 7 unique floor plan layouts. Construction was due to complete around October which meant that we only had just under 3 months to plan, prepare and deliver the tailored furniture packages. With constant communication and sufficient planning with the developer, builder and property manager, we were able to deliver 2 weeks ahead of schedule despite the delays caused by Covid lockdown restrictions. This meant that the team at Melbourne Real Estate was able to immediately market an additional furnished living option to tenants wanting to live in Montague Square.

V. Recommendation

Upon completion of the project, we are proud to say that the developer Sungard Property Group was extremely pleased with our work. We received a recommendation letter from the team at Montague Square recognising our professional service.

VI. Information

For more information about the development or to inquire about renting an apartment you can visit Montague Square. If you are interested in having your property furnished by us, please visit the link below to submit an inquiry.  

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