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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


1. All package prices will be fixed once the deposit has been received and until final hand over to the Client, unless otherwise specified.
2. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your order. No orders will be processed until the deposit amount has been received.
3. Deposits are not refundable. In some circumstances MORC, in its absolute discretion, may be able to offer a credit notice should the package be cancelled or revised once the order has been processed.
4. No returns or exchanges are allowed once an order has been placed and the deposit has been paid. MORC reserves the right to exchange items with additional fees for restocking and delivery.
5. Payment can be paid by direct deposit.
6. The balance of payment will be due 7 days prior to delivery unless otherwise agreed.
7. All goods remain the property of MORC until full payment is received. An interest rate of 2.2% per day may be payable if any sum is not paid within 14 days of the due date for payment.
8. Any agreed rectification works will be attended to by MORC and will not relieve the Client of its obligation to make final payment for the package on the agreed date.

MEDIA INCLUDES PICTURE, BLOGS, VIDEOS, 3D WALKTHROUGH & ETC. MORC owns all the rights of the media and includes the quality, artistically produced with direction, photography, sound, art, animation, synchronization and other physical and aesthetic content including all copyrights therein as well as in and to all the exposed negatives, positives, out-takes and clips.

Delivery, installation & handover

1. MORC will deliver and install the confirmed package/s to the agreed address.
2. MORC requires a minimum of 7 to 14 working days to coordinate delivery and /or notice of any changes to an agreed delivery program, unless otherwise noted.
3. Staged deliveries over separate days at the request of the Client may incur additional delivery, storage and administration fees. Any associated costs will constitute a variation to the contract and will be quoted and invoiced accordingly.
4. MORC reserves the right to charge the Client for any associated costs incurred due to building delays, which may include but not be limited to storage, administration and rescheduling fees. Daily storage cost are in the order of $150 per container plus $200 handling fee or $25 per palletised cubic metre, plus $50 per hour handling fee, and will be confirmed on a project by project basis. Penalty fees will be charged weekly and are required to be fully paid before delivery to site.
5. MORC is not responsible for delays caused by others and which are beyond its immediate control, including but not limited to late settlement dates and builder’s defects.
6. MORC reserves the right to exchange unavailable or discontinued goods with goods of a similar type and quality at MORC’s absolute discretion.
7. MORC will complete a hand over with the Client or Client representative at the completion of the installation. Any rectification works required to be undertaken will be agreed to by MORC and the Client.
8. All packages includes design, delivery and assembly. Prices excludes GST. All items are subject to availability and floor plan layout. Colour & style may vary from image. Styling items will be selected at the discretion and experience of our stylist to match the furniture and property layout.

Warranties, defects & returns

1. MORC offers a standard 12 month warranty of furniture (only) from the date of hand over, subject to fair wear and tear, product care and maintenance. Warranty is limited to the original purchaser at the original delivery address
2. All warranty claims are at the sole discretion of MORC. A site inspection will be conducted to determine the validity of any claim. If our team has deemed that there are no issues with the furniture item, there will be a $150 charge.
3. In some cases, the cost of freight is not covered under product replacement and will be the responsibility of the Client.
4. MORC supplies a hand over manual at the completion of each installation which contains all product warranty information and forms.
5. MORC does not offer warranties over and above those specified by the manufacturer, including all electrical items and white goods. It is the Client’s responsibility to complete and provide to the manufacturer any warranty cards or documentation required.
6. Items considered defective by the Client must be reported to MORC within 7 days of the hand over.
7. MORC accepts no responsibility for defects or damage caused by natural wear and tear, misuse, improper cleaning & improper use of the goods purchased. Once a property has been tenanted, MORC accepts no responsibility for the defects & damages as it involves complication between parties.
8. MORC will deliver the package as per the confirmed package list and accepts no returns outside of issues pertaining to damage or product fault.
9. If the item has been moved or relocated to a different property location and address from the location that MORC delivered, MORC will not be responsible for any damage or condition of the furniture item.

Note: Certain factors to look out for defect
Softening of seat cushions over time is completely normal and is not considered a defect in any way. Sitting on one particular seat most of the time will cause that seat to soften more than the others. For an even wear alternate your choice of seat regularly.
Discolouration of fabric and leather suites due to exposure to direct sunlight, direct heat or contact with domesticated animals.