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Styling The Yarra One Display Suite

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Development: Yarra One

Located at 18 Claremont Street, South Yarra, this stunning building stands tall overlooking one of Melbourne’s most elite suburbs. From the grand atrium to the breathtaking panoramic views, to the luxurious amenities and the richly textured finishes, this residence is spectacular. 

Style and Plan

Before decorating a home, it is important to carry out relevant research to get a better understanding of how the space should look. The interior should work with the exterior surroundings. We did some market research to assess the demographic of residents who would choose to live here. We also looked into the surrounding businesses to understand their customers, as well as studied the building itself to determine the style of the design. Once we had all that worked out, we started spatially planning the interior to avoid any mistakes.

With our studies complete, we decided to create a casual yet luxurious look and feel for the display suite. Here is what we included in our furniture package.

We offer furniture-only packages, or furniture and styling packages. Our Yarra One client chose our “Stylish Living Package”, which allowed us to create a completely decorated apartment.

Styling includes everything such as rugs, art, lamps, cushions, throws, decorative items, plants, and everything in between. We presented a mood board to the client (see below) to showcase the furniture they would be receiving with a rough guide on styling items. It also helps the client to visualise how everything would look when put together. Styling items vary every time as they really depend on what our stylist believes works best for that particular space.

Design Process For Each Room

Kitchen/Living/Dining Area

This apartment has three bedrooms, so we decided to decorate it for a young family of four. With that in mind, we were careful with the pieces we chose as we wanted to maximise the use of the space. We chose clever pieces of furniture to make the interior feel larger such as a transparent glass dining table, a mirror to give the illusion of depth and chose furniture with slim legs to avoid any heavy bulkiness. 

We went for a neutral colour palette overall to compliment the majority of people’s taste and we chose jewel tones for the feature colours (except the kid’s bedroom). The use of the colour Green is found in smaller accents within the living space such as the cushions, placemats, barstools and greenery and was chosen to compliment the branding colours of Yarra One. We always bring in a pop of metallics to add a touch of glamour to the space. You will notice the use of gold is consistent throughout the duplex apartment and the Yarra One building itself. 

Teenage Bedroom

Blue and Green are the two most popular colours to use in bedrooms as they exude relaxation. They are the dominant colours we see every day in nature. We chose a very calming colour palette for the teenagers’ bedroom which consisted of navy blue mixed with whites and cream. To complement the tranquil colour palette, we opted for a wicker table lamp on top of the oak bedside table. Lastly, we selected mixed textures for the bed styling to create a more subtle layer of visual interest. We mixed a wool throw with a cotton bedspread hosting a subtle floral motif, along with simple striped navy cushions, cream tassel design cushions and luxurious euro pillows. This room was all about subtlety, texture and relaxation. 

Kid’s Bedroom

We had some fun decorating this space! We love decorating nurseries as our inner child gets to come out! Sometimes, you just need to fall in love with one thing to get the design ball rolling. With this room, we fell in love with a little woodland bedspread! Yes, a bedspread. That’s all it takes to spark an idea and focus on one goal. We placed cute little animals around the room in footstools, cushions, art and even a doorstop. We kept the colour palate quite muted and calming to aid with a good night sleep. 

The bed we chose is another example of clever furniture choices. The bottom component of the bed pulls out into a second single bed so that the child can have a sleepover, or the family can have a guest stay overnight. 

Master Bedroom

We wanted the master bedroom to feel more sophisticated and luxurious which is why we opted for velvets on the cushions, Mustard Gold as an accent colour and gold metallics throughout. 

This room is tight along the width of the room so we made a smart decision with the furniture once again. We chose to drop the bedhead so that we could gain an extra 12cm at the foot of the bed. That might not sound like a lot, but a little goes a long way! By dropping the bedhead, we were able to create a strong focal point using artwork. The art ties beautifully with the cushions and decor within the room, making the entire room feel coordinated and complete. 

What is your favourite room within this South Yarra Duplex apartment? What’s your favourite interior design tip that we used? Would you like to live here? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. We’d love your feedback!


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