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DIY vs Professional Furnishing


Pros of Professional Furnishing

Source: MORC Interiors

1. It Will Save You Heaps of Time

While it could be a fun activity to furnish your new home, odds are it can become pretty strenuous once the excitement wears off! While it could take you an entire day or even a couple of days to fully furnish your new home, a team of professional assemblers usually take half a day to get everything ready for you.

2. Save Money

When you furnish a property from scratch with very little experience, it can get overwhelming. You could purchase the wrong size furniture or the wrong material finish to match the overall look of your space. Making the wrong purchase means risking not being able to return them. When you hire professionals, they will get it right the first time and in turn, save you a bunch of money.

Furthermore, heard of the saying ‘time is money?‘ The time spent on furniture selection, travelling to various stores, assembling, cleaning, and rubbish removal could be better spent on quality family time, leisure, or crucial work!

3. You’ll Get Better Quality Furniture

When you hire interior fit-out professionals like us, we make sure to pick the best quality furniture that is within your budget. There might be things you might not take into account when selecting furniture, such as knowing which types of fabrics are more durable and resistant to tears.

Cons of Professional Furnishing

Source: MORC Interiors

1. It Tends To Costs More Than DIY

Of course, hiring professional assemblers may cost more than doing it by yourself. Although this ‘cost’ may be relative, given that time is also money. Sometimes, the cost difference between DIY and professional isn’t very large after budgeting in time, delivery costs, and styling errors.

It also takes away the stress if you have no experience in buying and assembling furniture. This is especially the case when it comes to bigger and more complicated furniture pieces like dining tables, shelving units to simply matching decorative items.

2. There’s a bit of discussion…

To understand your property and style preference, the stylist needs to have a few discussions with you. The process of furnishing and styling a new home goes beyond just assembling furniture and buying any styling items you deem fit. It actually includes meticulous steps such as site measurement, researching the type and quality of the furniture, and making sure that the couch or tv unit fits proportionately in your living room.

Although this can be a ‘lengthy’ (though shorter than DIY) process, it’s the best way to ensure that you don’t risk damaging your property or purchasing pieces of furniture that aren’t to your liking.

Pros of DIY Furnishing

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1. Lower in Cost Compared to Professional Furnishing

Furnishing by yourself will definitely cost less than hiring professionals to help furnish your property. Generally speaking, it usually costs 25-50% less than professional furnishing. This is because of the furniture brands and the cost of labour.

2. You Have Full Creative Freedom

Many times, the way you planned how you want your new home to look will not exactly the way you want it. This means that you can take the time to set up your home exactly the way you want it to look and feel.

3. Learn Something New

Even though it can be time-consuming to fix up your own furniture, it could be a fun way to learn a new skill! And when you finish the project, you’ll feel a newfound sense of fulfilment and satisfaction!

Cons of DIY Furnishing

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1. It is Extremely Time-Consuming

Fixing up your own furniture can be extremely time-consuming if you do not have plenty of experience. For example, you might assemble the mid beam of a bedframe upside down or screw in the dining chair legs back-to-front. When you hire professionals to furnish your property, it takes less than half the time you’d spend doing it yourself.

2. A ‘hit or miss’ with the Selection of Furniture

The selection of furniture is a complex process that requires a lot of preparation such as site measurement and brand selection. As we know, it’s not just about how it looks. Even though a specific piece of furniture may catch your attention based on how it looks, their dimensions are extremely important because it changes the proportions of your property. If the furniture is too big for the space, it will look awkward and cramped.

Furthermore, the quality of the furniture is also important. When you hire professionals like us, we’ll pick out furniture that is best in quality that fits your budget. For example, making sure that the structural frame of your new couch is built with solid hardwood and not softwood, which can sag and warp over time.

3. You Run the Risk of Damaging Your Property

When you are assembling furniture by yourself, it can get risky in terms of damaging the walls of your property. This is a pretty common mistake that happens even with professionals. Worse, if it’s a rental property, you might have to fork out more money to fix up the damages.

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