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10 Home Office Organisation Ideas


The beauty of a home office is that you can design and create it yourself from the ground up according to your own style. Since interior design is really all about creativity, there are no set rules that we can give you. However, we do have some handy organization and functionality tips that can change your home office environment from a typical showroom office to something that is functional and stylish, yet personal.

1. Space-saving Shelving Systems

Our first and biggest tip for anyone working from home on a regular basis is to invest your time and money declutter! A neatly organized home office will play a major factor in productivity and helping you keep a clear head while you’re chipping away at work, so get those shelves up. Look out for floating shelving units and modular shelving units for a sleek design.

Image Source: Hecker Guthrie

2. Drawers

Investing in a home office desk with many spacious drawers is an effective way to keep your office supplies and documents safely stowed. While it can be tempting to just chuck everything in there, purchasing drawer organisers will save you the time to flip through your drawers to find something important.

Image Source: Jones Design Company

3. Pendant Lights

Ditch the typical table lamp and go for some beautifully designed pendant lights to save even more desk space and distribute even lighting.

Image Source: Interior Deluxe

4. Paperweights

Got some daily documents you need to refer to? Stop using your coffee mug and get some paperweights to keep them organised! An added bonus, they look absolutely stunning on your office desk.

Image Source: Heather Hilliard

5. Go Paperless

Okay, I hear you. You’re just a pen and paper type of person, and nothing beats the satisfaction of feeling the smooth ink glides on paper. But hear me out. Going paperless is a fantastic way to keep those stacks of documents in check, and hey, you get to feel good about saving some trees. Here are some of the best note-taking apps:

  1. OneNote – A free multipurpose cross-platform app
  2. Evernote – A paid cross-platform app that’s great for processing hand-written notes and clipping articles from the web.
  3. Notion – A powerful, database-driven note-taking app that offers collaborative document editing.

6. Choose A Simple Study Desk

If you live in a small space, going for a minimal study desk might be the way to go to avoid clutter and mess. Luckily, we got just the perfect one we made ourselves.

7. Baskets

Using woven or wired baskets is an effective way to store your extra office supplies and electronics. Place them on top of a shelving unit, or on a bookshelf.

Image Source: Regan Baker Design

8. Labels

Remember to make use of labeling. It may seem like a trivial little tip, but labeling your boxes and documents will end up saving you a lot of time and help you find the important details you need in your documents without feeling frustrated. While we’re still at the topic of labeling, label all your stored boxes as well!

9. Hide Your Cables

Cords can take up a lot of space and make your workspace look extra messy. Keep them hidden away at the back of your monitor with some cord clips.

10. It’s All In The Details

Our last tip is simple, yet easily forgotten by many: It’s all in the details. While it’s important to have a functional space to work at home, remember to add something that makes you feel calm. Some beautiful décor items to add include small indoor plants, scented candles, and stacks of beautiful books.

Image Source: Asos


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